Small Fellows

Horace and Gilbert Smallfellow are the only Siamese twins in the world with different nationalities.

Smallfellows. Purveyors of Fine Humour

They were born on a transatlantic flight from London to New York, Horace over UK air space, and Gilbert over US air space. Joined at the fingernail, the separation was a simple operation at 35,000 feet with a small pair of scissors. They are both fellows of the renowned Creadmore Institute and this year will be showing some of their inventions at the Summer Technology Fairs throughout the Netherlands.

Tim Jones and Roy Lavitt met each other twenty years ago at the “Limburgs Straat Feest” and immediately decided to work together. This took a little longer than initially expected, but after years of meticulous planning they are immensely proud to present their first outdoor performances. Autodidactic Roy Lavitt has worked as a professional entertainer for over a quarter of a century. He has been an actor, a circus acrobat, singer, dancer, mime player, aerialist, stuntman, high-wire walker, fire eater, juggler, unicyclist, stilt-walker, street performer, host, puppeteer, clown, comic and comedian. Tim Jones has done exactly the same, excluding any of the dangerous ones.

A mutual admiration for the works of American cartoonist Rube Goldberg and his British counterpart Heath Robinson alongside a passion for the humble “Transport Tricycle”- or as they are known in the Netherlands “de bakfiets” - have provided the inspiration for a series of performances created around this unique form of transport to be played in the great outdoors for the summer of 2004 under the name of Smallfellows



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